• 2020.06.18

What is a Seichi (Otaku mecca)?

What is a Seichi (Otaku mecca)? A Seichi (Otaku mecca) refers to the actual place that was set in the anime.Any place that is set as a stage for movies, novels, animations, etc. can be called A Seichi […]

  • 2020.06.16

What is a figure?

What is a figure? There are various types of figures. ・Gacha figure(A variety of figures randomly appearing from a machine         called Gacha) ・Shokugan figure(It is sold with sweets and sold in sup […]

  • 2020.06.14

What is a Doujinshi?

What is a Doujinshi? Doujinshi originated around 1900.It begins with self-published literature and poetry produced by volunteers.However, the flow has changed in the comic market that started in 1975. […]

  • 2020.06.14

What is a Manga?

What is a Manga? Manga has become a very popular culture in recent yearsHow to write a book that uses a picture and letters to advance the story.The works that even Japanese people today know are from […]

  • 2020.06.14

What is a Game Center?

What is a Game Center? Do you know Game Center?In Japan, amusement arcades are called Game Center.A game center is a place where you can play various games using large housing. Games in the arcade are […]

  • 2020.06.13

What is a Maid cafe?

What is a Maid cafe? Maid cafe is a kind of cafe in Japan.Japanese people have the impression that ordinary maids have long skirts and gentleness.However, the maid cafe welcomes customers with short s […]