What is a figure?

What is a figure? There are various types of figures. ・Gacha figure(A variety of figures randomly appearing from a machine         called Gacha) ・Shokugan figure(It is sold with sweets and sold in supermarkets.           The figures that come out are often random) ・Prize figure(Free gifts you can get at the game

What is a Doujinshi?

What is a Doujinshi? Doujinshi originated around 1900.It begins with self-published literature and poetry produced by volunteers.However, the flow has changed in the comic market that started in 1975.With the advent of this comic market, we will have the opportunity to widely distribute fanzines.The market gradually increased, and it became

What is a Manga?

What is a Manga? Manga has become a very popular culture in recent yearsHow to write a book that uses a picture and letters to advance the story.The works that even Japanese people today know are from after World War II, but the origin is very old around the 19th

What is a Game Center?

What is a Game Center? Do you know Game Center?In Japan, amusement arcades are called Game Center.A game center is a place where you can play various games using large housing. Games in the arcade are roughly divided into several genres.There are various ways of saying it but the Author

What is a Maid cafe?

What is a Maid cafe? Maid cafe is a kind of cafe in Japan.Japanese people have the impression that ordinary maids have long skirts and gentleness.However, the maid cafe welcomes customers with short skirts and cute voices.Also, in recent years, there have been shops with various concepts.There are various kinds