What is Toranoana?

Toranoana is a store that mainly sells doujinshi.
It also sells manga and goods.
It was also famous for selling adult magazines.
Especially in summer and winter, when Comic Market is held, a large number of new publications are released and the store is more crowded than usual, which is an annual tradition.

What happened to "Toranoana"?

Such “Toranoana” closed its doors on 2022/8/31, leaving only the Ikebukuro store.
The Ein Juku and Akihabara stores in Tokyo were also closed.
The reason is that the number of sales through mail order has been growing more than store purchases.
This may be due to the fact that the magazine is an adult magazine, and mail-order purchases have been more popular with users.
In addition, in my opinion, OTAKU people in general have a habit of collecting.
For this reason, I think that many of them have homes in the suburbs that are a little further away from the city than they are in their small rooms in Tokyo.
I think mail order is more convenient for those people as well.

Then, why did the Ikebukuro store remain?

This was written in an interview with a Toranoana employee.
The Ikebukuro store is the only one that is “profitable.
The Ikebukuro store is well-known as a store that handles doujinshi for women.
There is even a street in Ikebukuro called “Otome Road” lined with stores for women’s otaku.
Today, Ikebukuro may be a more comfortable place for female OTAKU than Akihabara.

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Toranoana is currently launching “Torakun (marriage agency for OTAKU)” and Fantia (creator support platform), both of which are growing well, and they are considering a change in business.
Fantia is available in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean, and has become a site where you can connect with your favorite creators around the world.
Why don’t you join as either a creator or a fan?

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