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Japanese video game arcades began with fighting games

In 1991, a revolutionary game was born. Street Fighter II. This game was the second Street Fighter game, so famous that even today there are tournaments.
In Japan in 1991, the style of game was all about sitting down and playing. These were fighting games, shooting games, and action games that could be played by simply replacing the base called a ROM. Among these games, the game that everyone played was this Street Fighter II .

Street Fighter II is a two-player game. There have been similar games before, but in Street Fighter II , all the characters were attractive anyway. Ryu with shockwaves from his hands, Blanka with electric shocks, and Dhalsim with his outstretched hands are still in the game more than 20 years later, and they are still popular.

Street Fighter II led to the creation of numerous fighting games. In particular, Capcom, which created STO2, and SNK, famous for The King of Fighters, can be said to be the companies that led the way in fighting games.

Boys' Playground to Men and Women of All Ages

Game arcades used to be playgrounds for boys, mainly delinquents, that were dirty and dark, but this is gradually changing. New types of game machines such as medal games, crane games (claw cranes), and purikura (photo booths) were introduced.
Purikura, in particular, became an explosive hit, especially among high school girls. This led to game centers on the outskirts of the city gradually becoming huge and establishing themselves in prominent locations in the city.

And game centers will be integrated into shopping centers and huge amusement centers. What exists today are those game centers that remain as a result.

To a beautiful, light user game center.

Today, in 2022, the demand for game centers has changed. This is due to the widespread use of online games and smartphones.

What is the appeal of game arcades? How would you answer the question “What is the attraction of game arcades? It was to share the same game with others. Until about 15 years ago, it was not possible to play games at home with friends or strangers. That is why arcade fighting games were so valuable. You practiced at home, and the game center was the place to show off your skills.

Today’s arcade games are usually played in large cabinets and systems that cannot be played at home. As explained earlier, this is a trend to differentiate games from those that can be played at home. New games that can be played with only buttons and sticks, as in the past, are not available now. If they do, it will be on STEAM or PS.

In addition, game arcades are now dominated by crane games (Craw Crane). This is because they are games with a high unit price per hour. In fighting games, there are games that can be played for 20 minutes for 100 yen. If you are good at the game, you can play for longer. In comparison, a crane game (Craw Crane) costs 100 yen and takes about 20 seconds. This is normal because the purpose of the game is to win prizes. Therefore, game arcades are shrinking the area for fighting games and other games in order to increase their revenue.

To experience Japan's unique game arcade culture

I think the Japanese game industry is very big and attractive. I also think that game centers are the same. However, there are still many game centers in Tokyo that are trying to recreate the old-fashioned game center. If you ever come to Japan, I would definitely encourage you to try them out.

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