What is a Seichi (Otaku mecca)?

A Seichi (Otaku mecca) refers to the actual place that was set in the anime.
Any place that is set as a stage for movies, novels, animations, etc. can be called A Seichi (Otaku mecca).
Also, visiting the place is called ” a pilgrimage to the Seichi (Otaku mecca)”
In Japan, this action has a large-scale economic effect.
For this reason, in recent years, there has been a large movement to set the stage location in detail and connect it to the tourism industry.
One of the most famous ones is the Saginomiya Shrine that appears as a stage in “Lucky Star”.
It is said that the effect of this animation had an economic effect of over 100 million yen.
However, although the area has been revitalized, nuisances may occur frequently, so local residents may oppose it.
The following site is a summary of “sacred places” that can be viewed in English.


If you want to go, make sure to visit without disturbing others.
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