What is a Doujinshi?

Doujinshi originated around 1900.
It begins with self-published literature and poetry produced by volunteers.
However, the flow has changed in the comic market that started in 1975.
With the advent of this comic market, we will have the opportunity to widely distribute fanzines.
The market gradually increased, and it became an event that various companies entered.
Many people recognize doujinshi as pornography, which is a mistake.
Doujinshi is a story written by someone other than the original author, and unofficial ones are basically classified as doujinshi.
It is said that it infringes copyright in Japan, but it is currently gray.
Therefore, if it is pointed out by the author, etc., it must be stopped immediately.
However, the current situation is acquiescence.
There are various problems, but fanzines are certainly recognized.
However, the Japanese government has seen some movements to eliminate this, and the future situation is unclear.
In addition, among Japanese people, doujinshi is often read as a thin book.

A photo of the comic market

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